Launching successful online stories for 14 years

The world and its challenges are constantly changing, but if we can be sure for one thing, it is that the internet era will definitely be important in the society for a long time.

MKhost celebrates its 14th birthday. A time period where we helped individuals, small businesses and bigger entities to launch their online stories. Through their web presences, a lot of organizations managed to closely approach their users, while making their life easier.

This year has shown to us that, even in the moments where we thought we are isolated, the internet is always here to connect us. And for such a connectivity, a stable partner like MKhost is always needed.

Through all these 14 years, we managed to make the term ‘website’ closer to a lot of people, businesses and organizations. We are constantly striving to showcase the importance of the online presence through education and building awareness.

Our website and user control panels were changed through the years to match the modern online experience. We can proudly state that, today, with the latest versions of our website and Control panel, we have significantly automated the process of everything that is meant for building an online presence – domain, hosting, and website.

We want to thank all of our clients for their trust in us for the past 14 years. We will continue to build new successful online stories in the future!