New cPanel version – What are the novelties?

The cPanel Control Panel has released its 58 version (v58). Linux-based tool that facilitates the web hosting management process which exists on the world market for 20 years continues with updates and improvements that are greatly helpful for website owners. Among them, of course, are MKhost users.

The new version of cPanel brings few novelties of great value. According to users’ reactions, AutoSSL, EasyApache 4 and the new option for addon domains are among the favorite features.


After three and a half years of planning, cPanel launches AutoSSL, a tool that enables automatic installation and renewal of SSL certificates that keep secure sensitive data from the server. Soon expect more details about this option and its implementation for MKhost users.

EasyApache 4

EasyApache 3 is replaced with EasyApache 4, after the previous version has served users for almost a decade. The main problems with the old version were related to the long period of time necessary for adding the PHP or the Apache module, as well as the maintenance problems due to the large code the third version is composed from.

The new version has more advanced and faster customization, and allows the use of multiple versions of PHP. Users will still be able to choose whether they want to use the new, or the previous version of EasyApache in cPanel v58.

Addon domains

If so far through the control panel, besides 1 domain, it was possible to create more addon domains, cPanel v58 enables these additional domains to be transferred to new, separate hosting and thus also become carrier domains.

This option is especially important if there are two larger profiles on the same control panel, one can be shifted individually. With this, the user will get more resource use, as well as greater security.


cPanel doesn’t stop here. Already they’re working on the v60 version, which will include, among other things, enhanced PHP-FMP support, sub-accounts in User Manager, and further expansion of the SSL market.

MKhost continues to implement the latest software solutions in order to meet the needs of its users.