MKhost becomes the first Macedonian authorized cPanel Partner

In one of the biggest achievements in our 14-year-old history as a web hosting provider, MKhost officially became the first and only Macedonian authorized cPanel Partner.

Through this partnership, MKhost joins the map of relevant worldwide hosting providers. Our collaboration and communication with cPanel will be direct, and therefore, all MKhost clients will get even better support, as well as additional services by great price. In the same time, dedicated servers and cloud servers will be directly licensed through MKhost.

Launched in 1996, cPanel is the biggest web hosting platform in the world. This software is making the managing of web hosting and websites easier, through user-friendly interface. Also, cPanel offers a lot of automation tools.

This is a big milestone for our team, who actively worked on this collaboration happening. As we are constantly striving to make our service to have the best technical support possible, we will continue to introduce a lot of updates which will make the user experience even better.

These are the certified members of our team who can help you with all of your questions:

Andrijana Stefanovska – cPanel Professional
Katerina Trajkovska – WHM Administrator
Angela Stefanovska – cPanel Sales Professional